Web Design for Small Business

Every business needs a website so potential customers can find your businessget_a_quotess on the Web. One Choice IT Web Services specializes in high quality, professional web design for small business.

web design for a small business
  • Affordable rates priced for small businesses.
  • Custom web design, uniquely designed for your small business.
  • Your website will be SEO friendly to help your business get found by Google.
  • You have the option to update website content on your own.

A Smart Web Design For Your Small Business

A website with a smart design appeals to its website visitors but is also optimized for the search engines (meaning it’s SEO friendly). Ultimately, this may increase your website’s chances of getting a better ranking by the search engines.

Your website will be optimized for On-Page SEO by:

  • Selecting keywords related to your business that a user might enter into Google (or a different search engine) to find your type of business.
  • Integrating these keywords in strategic places on your webpages to influence search engine rankings.
  • A Word About Off-Page SEO: Off-Page SEO is another significant factor affecting rankings. Off-Page SEO involves obtaining high quality, inbound links to your website, which Google rewards with better rankings. A great way to improve Off-Page SEO is by incorporating a blog into your website. A blog allows you to create frequent, useful and informative content for you business to attract visitors and links to your site!

Content Management Systems (CMS)

  • If your website is built using a Content Management System (CMS), you have the option to update your website content. If you aren’t familiar with what a CMS is, I encourage you to check out the advantages of using a CMS for your website.